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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Justice for Taylor

After 5 years the one responsible for the death of my best friend was finally sentenced and put in prison....... 6 months later she is ALREADY up for parole?!!!!

Where is the justice?!

From the time of Taylor's death on September 29, 2006 Heidi has shown zero remorse for her actions.  Under the influence she killed my best friend.  Has she stopped drinking and driving and doing drugs? NO!!!!

Please help me, Taylor's family, and our community by signing this petition to keep Heidi behind bars for her full sentence.

Below is my quote from signing the petition.
"Parole should not even be an option. The life of my best friend, a daughter, and a beautiful person both inside and out was taken prematurely from this world and from the people who love her because of the negligence of one person! Even after five, almost six years Heidi has shown no remorse for what she did and has only continued to spit in the faces of Taylor's loved ones by continuing the behavior that caused the loss of this precious friend."

When electronically signing this petition you are not required to have your name displayed or to add a comment, unless you so choose.  I just ask that you take a moment to sign.

You can read my post about Taylor from last year here.

Thank you so much for all your help!!!

Y'all are such awesome blog friends!!!

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  1. Unfortunately the justice system does not always work. She must have plead guilty because they are usually get a reduced sentence if they do. I know this from experience because my mother died in a car wreck in which someone else on drugs was involved.


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