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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Its Ok Thursdays

To completely let your apartment go when you have the stomach virus

To be selfish and not want your husband to go to work

To put on pajama pants in the afternoon after class

To want the fall weather to hurry up and get here

To be overly excited about razorback football because that means I get to use all of my new razorback china and serving pieces

To not have much to say!! lol

I hope y'all are all having a fabulous day!!!!


  1. I cannot wait for fall weather either!

  2. I am dying for cooler weather & who doesn't love wearing their pjs?

    1. I can not agree more!! Who doesn't love being in comfies?!

  3. Can I ask what razorback football is?
    And I completely agree about wanting to wear pajamas after school or work.
    I too want Fall to hurry up!

    Jordan :)

    1. I'm from Arkansas and the University of Arkansas' mascot is the Razorback.


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