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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beach Trip

A few weeks ago between the end of my summer session of local anesthesia and the beginning of my fall semester my family managed to squeeze in a family vacation!!!  We went to Panama City Beach to celebrate my brother's birthday.  His birthday is not until September 18 but today he moved to the Cayman Islands for vet school so we celebrated early since he won't be in the states in September.

We also celebrated my brother's "new" fiances birthday at the same time!!!
 (I say new because they have only been engaged for about a month)

This was our first trip with all of my new family!! My parents, me and Logan (the newlyweds), and Zig (my brother Pete) and Felicia (the newly engaged)

Birthday celebration before leaving!!! Long story about me in the back
but I'll just say it's genetic and I've inherited it from my Daddy! 

My beautiful growing family!!

I can only be serious for so long!! Got to love self timers

My beautiful Momma and the most handsome Daddy!!

The Precious "to-be's"

Love my bubby and future sister!!

We need constant adult supervision

My mom and B built a Mayan pyramid while a read!!

We had such a blast together and I already can't wait for Zig to be home in December!!!!

Have a Fabulous Thursday Y'all!!!!

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  1. Your family is lovely, and the pyramid they built on the beach is so cool! It makes me want to go to the beach and build a pyramid too!


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