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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

3 Days!!!

After being engaged for a year and 11 months and thinking this day would NEVER come it has actually snuck up on me!! In 3 days my daddy will walk me toward my future husband and I will become a wife.... FINALLY!!!! This week I have been in panic mode trying to tie together all the loose ends and after the florist and bakery messing up my orders and Super Molly doing some necessary damage control and my mom being so amazing and working grand miracles on my dress I think everything will come together and hopefully without a hitch. I can NOT wait to share details and pictures from mine and B's day this Saturday!!!!

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  1. I almost forgot about your blog, you have not been on mine lately. I thought you might find time by now to put your wedding pictures on, must have been a long honeymoon enjoy while you can everyday living will come much too soon. God bess these young people. Give God first place in your liives and everything else will come much easier. You are a sweet and beautiful young lady.


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