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Monday, April 30, 2012

Bad blogger/Bridal Shower

Firstly....... I'm SO SO sorry for being such a terrible blogger. School has seriously consumed my life but I promise to get better and to start sharing all of the exciting events happening in my life.

Well then now on to more exciting news!!!! 5 of my super sweet class mates through a bridal shower for me 2 weeks ago! A gift card shower!!!! What an awesome idea.... right?  I got great gift cards to Wal-mart, Bed, bath, and beyond, and Dillard's.... and OF COURSE the two rebels, Logan and Meredith, got me a few of the items I had registered at Bed, bath and beyond for!!!  They also had fun games for us to play.... Who knows the bride best and a toilet paper dress design contest (I judged).

They had everything decorated SOOO cute!!!!  They made breakfast casseroles and all sorts of yummy brunch things..... And thanks to Lauren I had my own personal chicken salad croissant!! lol
I promise I really do eat other things!

 Cute little gift card tree!

The start of Shelby's dress

Taylors beautiful gown

It was the bow in front that won me over!! lol

The bridal party and winning team!
Jessie, Amber, Bride Taylor, and Lauren

Brides Shelby and Taylor!! 

My team!!
Shelby, Logan, and Meredith

Me and the hostesses
Lauren, Taylor, Jessie, and Shelby

YAY for muffin pans!!
My girls know I LOVE cupcakes!!

Monogram coasters!!!






Logan and I even killed a wasp that sweet Penny found! lol


I am so incredibly blessed with such AMAZING friends!!!  And I promise to keep everyone updated on all the wonderful events recently happening!!

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