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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Well..... FINALLY after wedding, honeymoon, moving everything into the apartment, and an online class I have finally found a few minutes to share about mine and Logan"s wedding!! 

 June 9 could've absolutely not been a more beautiful day. We prayed for no rain for almost two years and my Momma constantly prayed that both the sun and the Son would shine that day. Both we very much in attendance. 

 Everything in our wedding had each of our personalities put into it and we worked to make our wedding as personal to us as possible.  I incorporated several family heirlooms into my bouquet so that I would be carrying a part of each of my grandparents with me. However, we wanted to make others realize that our wedding was not all about us. our wedding was about Christ and a worship service of all the blessings He has brought to us.

The altar

Gift Table
We displayed baby pictures and photos of us growing up.

We gave Krispy Kreme donuts as favors.
We met because of a KK fundraiser B's fraternity was having.

My GORGEOUS and AMAZING house party!!

My Amazing parents

My Momma, Zig (brother), and Felicia (Brother's girlfriend)
Let me just say that "Zig" is a pet name I have for my brother!!
My In laws and Sister in law

Dennis making me beautiful!! 

One of my very best friends!!! I have no idea what I'd do without her!!
Love my Alicia

My precious flower girls!!
They're dad is the pastor who married us.
They are SO SO special to me!!!

Modeling my Daddy's hat before he and I went to the woods!

My handsome groom and his best man came to the altar in a canoe!!

Our ring bearer gave B a good luck high five!!
So proud of the excellent job this precious boy did!!

Me and my daddy arriving!!!
For anyone who knows my dad or me personally then you truly know how appropriate this was for both of us.
Mr. Buddy (the driver) took me and my dad back in the woods behind the lake before we ventured around the lake and to the altar.  This was one of my favorite moments that day!

Prayer before our sand ceremony.
Precious moment

I presented my "Angel of Honor's" mom with yellow rose.
She couldn't be there physically but she was in my heart.

Family prayer

We took communion together as a symbol that we have both received Christ and our His children. 

After our first kiss as man and wife we released Doves as a symbol of the Holy Spirit

Leaving FINALLY married!!!!

You can't take us anywhere!

The toasting glasses I made for us!

To end our reception and night of dancing we sat in adirondack chairs on the hill over looking the lake and watched the sky as beautiful fireworks were shot in celebration of the day and all of our families blessings!! This was truly an amazing day and you could truly tell God was present and that He had truly blessed the union of me and Logan.

Here are a few photos my mom snapped during my bridal portrait shoot!!  I can not wait to see all of the professional photos and video from our wedding and I can not wait to share them and show them off!!!

One of my favorites!

ALWAYS have to have the boots!!

I'm FINALLY a wife and am enjoying every minute of our life!!!

Fiddle-Dee-Dee y'all and have a fabulous weekend!!

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  1. You made a beautiful bride your groom was handsome. The wedding was wonderful. So glad you shared with us. I know you two will be so happy.


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