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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Who's Got Your Vote?

Well after last nights show....

My pick to win...
Kellie Pickler!
I am a tad biased cause she is a fellow belle.... however girl has got it GOING ON!!!

Just makes me happy...

Andy Dick is just hilarious!!  Yes, his dancing is not the best but I dare you to watch him and not smile or laugh.

My disappointment...
Don't start throwing stones yet!!!!
I'm a huge Sean fan..... but I believe America has pin pointed his flaw!!
He did improve this week but he still looks like a fish out of water.

Another favorite is...
What a complete sweetheart and such a gentleman!!
If you missed the first episode please find/read a bio on him.  He has an amazing story and is a true testament of hard work and determination!

So now it's your turn!
Who has your vote?

Have a FABULOUS Tuesday y'all!!

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