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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Complete EXCITEMENT!!!

A few weeks ago I attended a "Wedding Party" for one of my best friends, Taylor.
I had never attended a wedding party before and had no clue what to expect..... How do I dress, do I bring a gift, is it like a shower? I was completely clueless on what party etiquette to grasp for in my vast southern repertoire.
Soooo...... I decided to go for a classy black dress, reminded myself to cross legs at the ankles, and decided I'd make like a chameleon and blend the rest!

I was so SURPRISED when I got there and realized it was her reveal party for her bridesmaids!!!
I am SO completely honored to stand by this precious lady and be a part of her most special day!!

DH girls!!!  Minus Jessie

Such fun girls!!!

Can NOT wait for June 22!!!! 
208 days!!


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