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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

Well on top of being an absolutely HORRIBLE blogger I have been swamped with work and trying to tie up loose ends.
We are now under the 1 year mark!!! I can hear the hallelujah chorus now!!
This last week I was able to be in touch with my photographer to work out details for bridal portraits this next year, find a DJ and book them for June 9, and have met with the florist to discuss design ideas for arrangements as well as bouquets!! I think that other than booking the venue, that meeting with the florist has been my one of my favorites so far in planning this shin dig!  I have some great ideas that are very sentimental to coordinate into my flowers and have also added a theme (sort of) on top of my pink and black colors.

Today I was able to book mine and Logan's engagements session, with my ultimate favorite photographers Brandi and Jackie at Strain photography, for August the 12.  See their website here!!  I'm so incredibly excited about this session because we will incorporate our new theme and will be using a lot of REALLY fabulous props (I think anyways)!!!  It's undoubtedly going to be uber HOT that day but I can absolutely not wait!!! I'm so ready to see and share them!!

Check off list (for now):
Disc Jockey

This list will certainly be updated as planning progresses but these are the biggies for now!! I think I'm pretty ahead of the game right now!! Can't wait to share more next week!

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