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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Current Lovies

Well y'all....
I'm really bad at balancing work and and my blog life!

When I get home from work I cook supper, sit down and talk to B about his day, and then we watch one of our weekly shows.

BTWs.... I've got a severe sitcom issue... Too many shows and too little time!!

Ok.. back on subject now.
Buckle up and prepare for a complete dump!

I'm loving that....

B and I FINALLY got our curtains up in our bedroom!!
This was the final touch to complete it!!
I'm OVERLY in love with how it turned out!!
What a great problem to have.... right?!
The grey walls with the blue and white is so calming and serene!! 
Makes me just want to light a candle cuddle up and read!! 

I'm loving....
 It's OFFICIALLY fall when deer season opens!!!
 I had a successful hunt a few weekends ago.

I'm loving...
We also celebrated mine and B's birthdays a few months early since his is so close to Christmas and mine is so close to Thanksgiving!!
He got some antique golf clubs for his "man room" and a fire pit!!
We used the fire pit for the first time last night and had a blast.... I froze but we still had fun!

I got a Cricut.... which you can see I've already put to excellent use!!
The mantel is not finished so ignore it! lol
I also had a blast making the burlap wreath!! 
SO fun and festive!!

I'm LOVING this little Donkey!!
Tippy is going to be a Donkey for halloween!!!
As you can tell she is not NEARLY as excited about it as me! 

It's too funny though... she doesn't mind wearing clothes and does fine in every other outfit, including hairbows, that I put her in.... but put her in the donkey and she turns into a complete Eeyore!!
She completely refuses to walk or even move!! 

And.... I'm loving...
My new fall outdoor decor!!!

Happy Fall Y'all!!!!

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