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Monday, May 20, 2013

Michelle Wie Who?

Hey Y'all!!
I hope y'all had a fabulous weekend full of sunshine and beautiful weather!
The weather was great in Arkansas so we spent the entire weekend outside.
The hubs took me to the driving range and to play 9 holes this weekend just so I could show off my MAD golf skills!!  
I mean look out LPGA... move on over Michelle Wie cause I'm the next best thing and am movin' on in!!
Logan didn't get a video of me this weekend but this is totally what I feel like on the tee box.

So.... Now back to reality
This is what I really look like on the course

Happy Gilmore's antics have got nothing on me!! 
There is an "unexplainable" dent in my driver as we speak! lol
Despite the dents and divots it was a wonderful weekend!!
I got to spend lots of QT with this handsome guy, he encouraged me, and did NOT get frustrated once at the number of mulligans I took!!
 Power couple taking the PGA and LPGA by storm in 2020!!! LOL
Stay tuned to the Golf channel!
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