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Monday, February 6, 2012

Playing Catch up

I've been SO behind since Christmas!! This semester has really taken off AND fast.... Which doesn't leave much time for me, much less time for me to sit down and blog.  So for the brief minute here I'm going to attempt to spew everything out here.

One of my class mate and good friends got married January 14!! 
Congratulations to Jessie and Edmund! 

Shelby, Taylor, and me

Shelby, Taylor, Logan, and me

Beautiful Bride and Groom

One night after clinic me, Taylor, and Shelby decided to go to Germantown to Painting with a Twist!!
It was such a blast even though I wasn't SOO great at it!!
If you live near the Memphis area you need to do this at LEAST once!! 

Lastly and sadly... on January 31 I lost my baby.  Lucy Mae was my sweetheart and was NOT a dog.  This loss is one that I haven't dealt well/am dealing well with.  I was in Memphis when it happened, and not that I already didn't know this but I have the best family in the world.  My daddy and especially my big brother did everything they could.  My brother is the greatest.  He held her for me so she wasn't alone and knew she was loved.
My Daddy and brother drove the next day to Memphis to be with me and tell me the news.

Lucy LOVED deer season!!

Christmas card shoot one year

Baby and I strolling

She LOVED when we brought deer in 
This day I was sick and she laid with me and cuddled all day

She loved B

We LOVED having PJ and popcorn parties

I miss her so much.

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  1. So sorry about your sweet puppy. :(

    & I definitely want to try Painting with a Twist!


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