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Monday, December 19, 2011

Dental Hygiene Party

Hey Y'all!! I hope that everyone is having a VERY Merry Christmas and is soakin' up ALL of the loveliness of family time!!!

Well I am a little behind on this post but still wanted to share because the pictures are just to wonderful!!  Anyways.... a few weeks ago we had our UT dental hygiene Christmas party! The new SADHA (Student American Dental Hygiene Association) members were inducted, I am one of the co-historians for my class, rugs were cut (haha), and we celebrated passing our first semester!!  Here are a few of the FUN photos of the night!! AND I must give a huge shout out and BIG thank you to my fabulous room mate, Taylor, for making us stop every 5 seconds to take a photo and I have to thank B for being our wonderful chauffeur/photographer for the evening!!

DH girls ready to party

My fabulous Room mate

Me and B

Best Friends

Check out those GREAT photography skills my baby has! lol

I'm pretty sure we took a picture in front of EVERY major landmark downtown, thanks Taylor!! lol

This is my favorite of the whole evening!!
We timed this strategically between traffic!! 

Go Grizz!!!!

We all had such an awesome time and it was much needed after an exhausting and stressful week of finals!! It made it even better that B was able to take off work and spend the entire weekend with me!! Those times are few and far between lately so it was such a treat!!  I sure hope that y'all enjoy the photos as much as I have!!  

Merry Christmas Y'all!!!


  1. Great pictures! Looks like y'all had a blast :)

  2. Thank you Valerie!! We did have a BLAST!!


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