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Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm a bad blogger!!

Finally I am all moved in!!! Well... at least all of my things are in my apartment but I still have to get my curtains up and all of my pictures hung so it still lacks that homey feeling.  I'm so grateful to be moved in though because I get to sleep an extra hour every morning because Mud Island is only 5 miles aways from UTHSC!!

School has definitely picked up and is in full swing!! I had my second dental anatomy test today and feel great about it!  I have NEVER been one who enjoyed school but it truly makes a difference when you are studying something that interest you!!

Heres a quick recap of whats happened in my life lately!!!

Taylor and I

I totaled my car but was so blessed to ONLY have 1 scratch and a few bruises!!!
God is SOO good!!

Hogs opening weekend!!

My beautiful class of AMAZING girls!!!

I was also voted as historian for the DH class of 2013 this last week and am SOOOO excited to serve my class by documenting and capturing memories for our class for the next two years!!  

I promise that I am going to try to be a better blogger and keep my life updated so things aren't so hectic in my next post!! lol

I won't think about that today.... I'll think about that tomorrow

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  1. You do a much better job at blogging than I do! love it, super cute!!


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